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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2020

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Political Science


Although women comprise over half of the world’s population, there is still a considerable gap in the scholarly literature, as well as in policymaking communities, regarding the impact globalization has had on women. While scholars have attempted to examine the relationship between globalization and women’s rights and empowerment, there is little consensus on whether globalization harms or benefits women. Through my research, I seek to clarify the relationship between globalization and women’s empowerment, specifically women’s political empowerment. I divide this paper into six sections. I first evaluate the existing literature on the relationship between globalization and women’s empowerment, identifying arguments regarding the positive and negative effects globalization has been found to have on women. Next, I introduce my theory regarding the ways that various types of globalization impact women’s political empowerment. In the following sections, I discuss my research design and present my results, as well as multiple tests for robustness. Finally, I conclude by discussing the implications of my research as well as other avenues for further study.


Written for POL 403: Capstone in International Relations

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