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Student Research Paper

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Summer 2020

Department 1

Political Science


I hypothesize that in a comparison of individuals, those who have believe in, or have been subject to discrimination, are more likely to support BLM. I am doing research regarding American politics and social structure; I want to take into account the whole nation, and I'm not concerned about data from outside the U.S. This data set includes information about respondents, race, gender, and sexuality, all of which I need to know if I want to take into account the effects of oppression on support of Black Lives Matter. I am only going to use the nes2016 dataset because no other dataset had information on feelings specifically towards Black Lives Matter. Lastly, rather than looking at historical data, I wanted to use information collected in the present. Since social issues are always changing and the Black Lives Matter organization is new, it is essential I use the most recent data I have available. A constraint of this survey is the data has no information on protests in general, so there is no distinction between those who only support the ideology and those who actually go out to protest.


Written for POL 215: Methods of Political Science