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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2020

Department 1

Political Science


President Donald Trump’s foreign policy has developed out of an “America First” ideology that comprises both isolationism and interventionism depending on the situation. This differs from President Barack Obama’s preference for the ideology of American Exceptionalism, which placed America on an equal playing field with other nations and utilized international organizations, such as the United Nations and trade organizations. Most of the Trump Doctrine has arisen out of an intentional shift from “typical” foreign policy of Obama and previous, even Republican, presidents. While Trump is influenced by his White House advisers, he has sidelined the State Department and tends to take action aligning with his own preferences rather than those of his political peers. Ultimately, there is a Trump Doctrine, but it is more informal than, for example, the Monroe Doctrine, and is based on politics of personal preference and emotion rather than a strict following of any one policy model.


Written for Pol 224: The American Presidency