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Fall 2020

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A current trend of many corporations is making it a priority to focus on becoming more socially responsible and ethical in all aspects of their businesses. Investors, on the other hand, have not been as focused on incorporating these issues into their selection criteria, especially when it comes to the issue of sustainable investing (ESG). This research tries to understand what the hidden barriers are that stop individual investors from investing sustainably. This research examines the effect of proper information on sustainable investing and the most effective communication strategies to relay this information to investors. There was a control group and two treatment groups; participants of the three online surveys were asked to answer a set of questions, and either watch a video, read a document, or neither, then answer the final set of questions. There was a significant difference in likelihood of engagement in ESG after participants received the information on ESG. And there was a marginally significant difference in the effectiveness of a written document compared to a video. These findings are important for investors in order for them to understand the importance of being properly informed and to follow the trend of being more socially responsible.


Written for OMS 405: Irrational Behavior

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