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Spring 2021

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Adolf Hitler’s formative years in Vienna, from roughly 1907 to 1913, fundamentally shaped his antisemitism and provided the foundation of a worldview that later caused immense tragedy for European Jews. Combined with a study of Viennese culture and society, the first-hand accounts of Adolf Hitler and his former friends, August Kubizek and Reinhold Hanisch, reveal how Hitler’s vicious antisemitic convictions developed through his devotion to Richard Wagner and his rejection of Viennese “Jewish” Modernism; his admiration of political role models, Georg Ritter von Schönerer and Dr. Karl Lueger; his adoption of the rhetoric and dogma disseminated by antisemitic newspapers and pamphlets; and his perception of the “otherness” of Ostjuden on the streets of Vienna. Altogether, Hitler’s interest in and pursuit of these major influences on his extreme and deadly prejudice against Jews have illuminated how such a figure became a historical possibility.


Written for HIST 418: Nazism

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