Anna Bochenek '22

Christopher Trilleras '21

Document Type

Student Research Paper

Date of Creation

Fall 2021

Department 1

Environmental Studies


This study examines the transportation patterns and potential barriers among migrant families and workers in Adams County, Pennsylvania. The objective of this study is to determine whether barriers to transportation exist in the county, and if so, how these barriers impact the population facing them. Our study examines solutions such as more universal license policies or a potential public transportation option. To collect data and carry out our project, we distributed surveys in English and Spanish families through the Center for Public Service at Gettysburg College. We had the potential to receive responses from around 70 families, and ultimately received responses from 32 families. Our research indicates that 38% of our surveyed population do not possess driver’s licenses. Therefore, a significant portion of our surveyed population faces challenges in their right to mobility – for example, our results show challenges in accessing public goods, such as through difficulty in accessing supermarkets/ grocery stores. Most of our surveyed population report low usage of alternative modes of transportation other than private cars, specifically public transportation, whether by choice or from a lack of access. A limitation in our research design was our sample size and selection – because we found participants through an existing college program, our population is not necessarily representative of the greater Adams county migrant worker population. Further studies should investigate the inaccessibility to buses and find a more accessible range for bus stops in which all members of the community have access. Rural areas present unique challenges for travel, directly impacting migrant communities due to their challenge accessing drivers’ driver licenses and lack of modes of transportation.


Written for ES 400: Senior Seminar