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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2021

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Environmental Studies


Farmers markets are an essential part of a community's culture and provide a vital service to all of its members. Currently, the Adam’s County Farmers Market is at a crossroads, as the lease it has on its current location is up and they must consider where they will go next. The purpose of this study is to assist the market in finding the best location in Gettysburg by analyzing the potential sites and providing a numerical score to compare each site. Four potential locations were used in this study: Constitution Lot, Lutheran Seminary, Recreation Park and the Existing site location. Of these locations it was hypothesized that Recreation Park would be the best spot due to its many open fields and provided amenities. The study was conducted by identifying 12 criteria to consider for each site and weighting them against each other using an Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Each site was given a score for each category and each weight was applied to the corresponding category. These scores were added up and each site received a score out of four measuring the quality of the site. The highest scoring site was Constitution Lot followed by the Existing Site, Recreation Park, and Lutheran Seminary. The Constitution Lot site benefited greatly from its vendor and parking space size while the Existing site location came in at a close second due to its many amenities. This study was conducted with the hope of improving the quality of the farmer’s market and increasing its vendor capabilities so that it can better serve the community.


Written for ES 400: Senior Seminar

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