Rivolia Chen Xiao-Yu (陳瀟玉) '23, Gettysburg College

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Chen Zi-Ang was a young man who had long black hair and black eyes. When appearing in public, as long as he had the conditions to do so, he bound his long, black hair in the common hairstyles among his contemporary Chinese men. Nevertheless, when in situations such as resting in his bed because of his long-term illness, his long, black hair was often untied. For a long time, Chen was very thin, and he had suffered from long-term physical illness. Chen's physical appearance further included most if not all of these characteristics: a light skin color, a comparatively soft skin texture, little or no facial wrinkles, a relatively high facial contrast, a comparatively wide distance between eyebrows and eyes, relatively thick lips, a comparatively small head, and a comparatively small jaw. A point that has echoed with “a light skin color” has been this impression of mine: Chen’s face was frequently pale; the significant source of Chen’s pallor was his long-term physical illness that I suspect to be anemia or heart disease, or both. It would not be surprising if Chen was weak in his lungs. I also suspect that Chen suffered from sleep disorders for a while. Often, his dress and accessories were neither opulent nor dazzling, but simple and refined. Across times and regions, when at least the vast majority of people evaluate human physical attractiveness or unattractiveness, they have five major psychological criteria: the higher or the lower degree of symmetry, the consistency or inconsistency with the average facial features, the presence or absence of beauty in biological sex features, the perceived health, and the perceived youthfulness.[16] According to the highly widespread standards across time and regions: most signs indicate that Chen’s physical appearance had a mid-upper level of attractiveness. Chen's physical appearance had the characteristics of being tender, and his face was relatively feminine and youthful. Chen’s physical appearance seemed to have the characteristics of being pure and elegant, or having a simple, natural, and “unbound”[17] beauty, or both. I am unsure of whether Chen had a small amount of whiskers or not, or how many whiskers he had. I am also unsure of his physical height. There was a greater likelihood that Chen’s voice was relatively high-pitched than low-pitched. Especially in the mid-late and late stages of his brief life in the human realm, Chen’s facial expressions have often been composed and tranquil, while being more or less melancholic. The physical appearance of Chen Zi-Ang was consistent with the frequently-observed physical appearance patterns among mainland Chinese men and women. By common standards, Chen Zi-Ang’s physical appearance was thin, frail, pure, and delicate, while possessing a firm and determined energy; he “sometimes further demonstrated a dumbfounding boldness and spicy defiance” (Wang Zhi-Qing).[18]

Empress Wu Zetian’s physical appearance commonly possessed the same extent of attractiveness with the beautiful appearance of Elizabeth Taylor. One of her historical identities was her status as a beauty icon. A relatively reasonable inference has been that the physical appearance of Chen Yuan-Jing often left others with the impression of being masculine, healthy, and possessing some characteristics of being refined. The positive elements of the physical appearance that Chen Yuan-Jing often had contributed to his career as a political leader. Since the physical beauty of Chen Yuan-Jing received less attention, hymning, and praising than Wu Zetian’s top-level attractiveness which she often possessed received, I tend to estimate that Chen Yuan-Jing’s physical appearance possessed a mid-upper level of beauty rather than a top-level of attractiveness. In the 2023 CE world, those whose physical appearances are relatively similar to that of Madam Gao’s should be young Mongolian women of light skin color and physical appearances of a mid-upper level of attractiveness.


女皇武則天(公元624年-705年)形貌常態美感,與伊麗莎白·泰勒(美國英文:Elizabeth Taylor)美貌,在同樣程度上吸引他人。武則天歷史身分之一,是美麗偶像。較為合理之推斷,乃陳元敬之形貌常態,是陽剛、健康、帶些斯文特質。陳元敬形貌常態中,正面元素,有益於陳元敬之政治領袖事業。由於陳元敬形貌美感,所受關注與詠讚,程度不及前述武則天形貌常態,所具頂級美感,所受關注與詠讚,筆者傾向於估計:陳元敬形貌,具中上等美感,而非頂級美感。在公元2023年之世界,形貌較似高氏者,應是膚色較淺、形貌具中上等美感之年輕蒙古女子。