Philosophy of The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era

The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era annually publishes undergraduate papers on the Civil War Era and its lasting memory. We are interested in academic essays, public history essays, and book reviews broadly relating to the American Civil War. For further details on submitting your work, please see About this Journal.

Who Can Submit?

Original undergraduate work may be submitted for consideration of publication in The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era, provided the submitters own the copyright to the work being submitted or are authorized by the copyright owner(s) to submit the article. Authors generally are the initial copyright owners of unpublished work. Any student with an interest in the Civil War may submit, including graduate students, as long as the work submitted is undergraduate work written within the past five years.

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General Submission Rules

The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era is published annually each spring. To be considered for publication, submissions must be received in their entirety by the annual submission deadline. This deadline and other submission information can be found on the About this Journal page.

To submit an article or essay, authors must create a free account in The Cupola. This account will be used to monitor the process of your submission. If you are published, this account will also allow you to receive monthly download reports for your work.

Submitted articles cannot been published previously, nor be forthcoming or under review in another journal or book (print or online). In addition, by submitting material to The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era, the author is stipulating that the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and that they will not submit the material to another journal (electronic or print) until the completion of the editorial decision process at the GCJCWE.

If you have concerns about the submission terms for The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era, please contact the editors.

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Formatting Requirements

The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era has no rules about the formatting of submissions.

However, there are formatting requirements for accepted articles. Authors of accepted articles will be contacted by editors about these requirements (see the final formatting requirements more for information). Although the editors may provide limited technical support, it is ultimately the responsibility of the author to produce an electronic version of the article as a high-quality PDF file, or file that can be easily converted to PDF (such as Microsoft Word or RTF).

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Copyright & Author Rights

Authors who submit to The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era agree to the following:

  • The author retains copyright of the work.
  • The author grants the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute and The Cupola a non-exclusive license to print, publish, reproduce, and/or distribute the work in print and/or online, and to market the work. This means that the author gives the Journal permission to publish the work, but the author maintains ownership over the work and may grant additional non-exclusive licenses to others in the future. For example, after a work is published in the GCJCWE, the author may revise it and submit it to another journal for consideration.
  • The author agrees not to publish the submitted work in print or digital form prior to publication by The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era.
  • The author must accept full responsibility for the content of the article, including the reuse of copyrighted materials within the Article that fall outside the realm of Fair Use.
  • Please be aware that after an issue of the GCJCWE is published, individual works cannot be revised or removed.
  • Please note that search engines (such as Google and Google Scholar) will index works in the GCJCWE and works will be findable on the open web now and in the future.

All authors will have the chance to review the Submission Agreement before submitting their work. Please read this over carefully before submitting.

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General Terms and Conditions of Use

The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era is an open access journal, meaning it is freely available on the open web for anyone to access and read. The contents of this journal are protected by copyright; users agree to abide by U.S. copyright law when using this site.

Users of the The Cupola: Scholarship at Gettysburg College agree not to misuse the website and/or software. Editors of The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era agree to evaluate and peer-review all submissions in a prompt manner and communicate decisions and desired revisions to the author. Administrators of The Cupola agree to fulfill any/all duties mentioned in the journal’s policies. If any part of the journal’s policies or submission agreement is found to be invalid, the remainder of the policies and submission agreement remain valid and enforced.

These policies and the Submission Agreement constitute the entire agreement between The Cupola: Scholarship at Gettysburg College and the Author(s) regarding submission of the Article.

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