Master Shots: On the Set of Hou Hsiao-hsien's THE ASSASSIN


Guest Blogger: James N. Udden, Gettysburg College

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“The first day of a costume picture always goes like this,” Hou Hsiao-hsien remarked to me. It was Assassin’s first day of shooting in Taiwan. The actors had been on call for make-up since 6:30 am were ready to go by 8:00. Now it was late in the morning and the camera had yet to roll. Slowly some of the actors made their way from the dressing into the open air, lounging around in their Tang-dynasty garb, waiting. Shu Qi, the Taiwanese star who launched her career in Hong Kong and has now gained wide exposure (If You Are the One, Millennium Mambo, The Transporter), is among Hou’s cast, and she walked onto the set briefly to inspect something. [excerpt]


James Udden guest-blogged this piece on the Observations on Film Art blog.

Original version is available from the publisher at: http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog/2013/01/06/master-shots-on-the-set-of-hou-hsiao-hsiens-the-assassin/