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Student Research Paper

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Fall 2018

Department 1

Africana Studies


In order to understand the racial division of modern sport, it is essential to investigate the barriers to entry that occur for black youth at an institutional level. Inner-city and low-income youth are denied opportunities presented to predominately white middle and upper-class youth, who are awarded the opportunities to advance in the dimension of sport. Low-income children are being pushed out of sports, falling into a track that provides marginal community programming, while the economically advantaged are funneled into the other track of competitive private clubs. Race, economics, and social status become drivers for this segmentation in youth sport.

Although barriers that impede the entry and success affect both black girls and boys in sports, the reality is that there is a disparate impact between genders. Therefore, this research aims to assess the conditions faced by black girls, which hinder their entrance into and continued success in sports programs. Although significant legislation has increased the amount of female participation in sports, further consideration must be given to the intersection of race and sex in order to make necessary advancements.


Written for AFS 250: Black Bodies in American Sport.