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The Cupola actively serves as a resistance to the academic publishing system that makes knowledge exclusive to the wealthy and privileged who have the ability to access it. Instead of keeping scholarship “behind the paywall” with high subscription costs, The Cupola and the other open repositories keep the knowledge freely accessible to everyone at any time, anywhere in the world. The Cupola has only existed since April 2012, but we have already reached 1 million downloads (...) To find out more about how The Cupola is perceived on the campus and how to make more students interested in student nominations, I talked to professors, current students and alumni from Gettysburg College. We discussed the issues of representation in writing and publishing and the role of The Cupola in comparison. Thus, this article is a collection of various accounts on the importance of student scholarship and a collection of advice on how to use The Cupola to your benefit. [excerpt]


Written as a research project for the Scholarly Communications department of Musselman Library.

This article was originally published on The Gettysburgian.

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