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Student Research Paper

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Spring 2020

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Political Science


The topic of abortion in the United States of America is one that is surrounded by immense political controversy, particularly surrounding the legality of the practice. While some individuals believe in varying levels of freedom of choice, many others believe that the overall practice is unjust and wrong in most, or all circumstances. What are some of the underlying factors that may shape an individual’s stance on abortion? This research paper examines various significant factors such as religiosity, level of education, and age with regards to their potential correlation with an individual’s stance on abortion. By examining this data, this paper intends to answer the question: under what conditions do individuals support abortion rights? Using data from the 2016 National Election Study, this paper analyzes carefully collected polling data, and features relevant figures and tables. In my research, I found support for a significant correlation between religiosity and level of education, and overall support for abortion rights. While I was able to successfully observe some correlation between the factors, I failed to find a significant correlation between an individual’s age and their support for abortion rights. This paper also includes prior research done on these various factors and their correlations with support for abortion rights. Future research should further elaborate on age as well as correlations with other factors such as gender, which I did not account for in my research.


Written for POL 315: Methods in Political Science.

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