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Fall 2020

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Political Science


As citizens interact with the police more than most civil servants, increasing the citizenry’s confidence in police is key to helping maintain rule of law and internal stability within a state. One of the key areas to be investigated in the pursuit of better police-community relations is on the impact of public services and housing on police legitimacy. Historically, American cities have been widely segregated based on race and income, especially in urban areas, which in turn alters the services available in those areas. The public services and the neighborhoods in which they are delivered are key parts of many people’s lives, positioning them as an important variable in determining whether individuals have confidence in their police force. This paper will investigate the relationship between the satisfaction individuals have for their local context and their confidence in police to answer: Do conditions in an individual’s city or town causes them to lose confidence in the police?


Written for POL 215: Methods of Political Science

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