Musselman Library celebrates the scholarly and creative works of Gettysburg College faculty, staff and students. These authors published between January 1 and December 31, 2022, and will be honored at Ovation in September 2023. The reception is sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Musselman Library and includes a display of the authors’ works.

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Art Catalogs


Across the West and Toward the North: Norwegian and American Landscape Photography, Shannon Egan and Marthe Tolnes Fjellestad



Evidence for Electron Energization Accompanying Spontaneous Formation of Ion Acceleration Regions in Expanding Plasmas, Evan M. Aguirre, Rikard Bodin, Neng Yin, Timothy N. Good, and Earl E. Scime


North American Breeding Bird Survey Underestimates Regional Bird Richness Compared to Breeding Bird Atlases, Roi Ankori-Karlinsky, Michael Kalyuzhny, Katherine F. Barnes, Andrew M. Wilson, Curtis Flather, Rosalind Renfrew, Joan Walsh, Edna Guk, and Ronen Kadmon

Pride amid Prejudice: The Influence of LGBT+ Rights Activism in a Socially Conservative Society, Phillip M. Ayoub, Douglas D. Page, and Samuel Whitt


Household Air Pollution From Wood-Burning Cookstoves and C-Reactive Protein Among Women in Rural Honduras, Megan L. Benka-Coker, Maggie L. Clark, Sarah Rajkumar, Bonnie N. Young, Annett M. Bachand, Robert D. Brook, Tracy L. Nelson, John Volckens, Stephen J. Reynolds, Ander Wilson, Christian L'Orange, Nicholas Good, Casey Quinn, Kirsten Koehler, Sebastian Africano, Anibal B. Osorto Pinel, David Diaz-Sanchez, Lucas Neas, and Jennifer L. Peel

Bringing Out the Vote: New Hampshire and the Presidential Campaign of 1952, Michael Birkner

Beyond Sound: Bimodal Acoustic Calls Used in Mate-Choice and Aggression by Red-Eyed Treefrogs, Michael S. Caldwell, Kayla A. Britt, Lilianna C. Mischke, and Hannah I. Collins


Popular Feminism(s) Reconsidered: Popular, Racialized, and Decolonial Subjectivities in Contention, Janet M. Conway and Nathalie Lebon


Responding to Food Insecurity and Community Crises through Food Policy Council Partnerships in a Rural Setting, Amy B. Dailey, Kim Davidson, Kathy Gaskin, Elizabeth A. Cooper, Bridget Schell, Yeimi Gagliardi, and Kathy Glahn


Noble Intent Is Not Enough To Run Veterans Court Mentoring Programs: A Qualitative Study of Mentors’ Role Orientation and Responsibilities, Anne S. Douds, Eilenn M. Ahlin, Cassandra Atkin-Plunk, and Michael Posteraro

Are Victims’ Rights Honored in Veterans Courts? A Statewide Assessment of Law on the Books versus Law in Action, Anne S. Douds and Haley B. Shultz

Multi-Night Territorial Behavior, Chorus Attendance, and Mating Success in Red-Eyed Treefrogs, Ryan P. Dougherty, Rachael M. Pulica, and Michael S. Caldwell


Spectacles of Fire and Water: Performing the Destructive Forces of Early Modern Naval Battles, Felicia M. Else


Cold Shock Induces a Terminal Investment Reproductive Response in C. elegans, Leah Gulyas and Jennifer R. Powell


Fresh Beginnings: Promoting a Culture of Teacher Inquiry through Passion in the Profession, Jonathan Hart and Divonna M. Stebick


Are California Venture Capitalists the Best Venture Capitalists?, Tyler Hull and Luna Y. Goldblatt

Truths and Unfreedoms of Regimes of Insecurity and the Resistance of the Commons, Srinath Jagannathan and Patturaja Selvaraj


Liberalismo económico y conservadurismo político en Zorobabel Rodríguez, Alvaro Kaempfer

París, final de fiesta, en Los trasplantados (1904) de Alberto Blest Gana, Alvaro Kaempfer

Mid-Flight Prey Switching in the Fringed-Lipped Bat (Trachops cirrhosus), Ciara E. Kernan, Alexandra M. Yiambilis, Zowie E. Searcy, Rachael M. Pulica, R. A. Page, and Michael S. Caldwell


Ca2+ Entry Units in a Superfast Fish Muscle, James Matthew Kittelberger, Clara Franzini-Armstrong, and Simona Boncompagni


The Domestic Impact of International Shaming: Evidence from Climate Change and Human Rights, Faradj Koliev, Douglas D. Page, and Jonas Tallberg


Complete Genome Sequences of Two Temperate Bacillus subtilis Phages Isolated at Tumamoc Hill Desert Laboratory, Gregory P. Krukonis, Amanda K. Kemp, Katie F. Storrie, Vivian R. Chavira, Hayden W. Lantrip, Victoria D. Perez, Desiree A. Reyes, Julian A. Truax, Rachel Loney, and Veronique A. Delesalle


Complete Genome Sequence of the Pantoea Phage AH07, Gregory P. Krukonis, Sam J. Roth, and Veronique A. Delesalle


Complete Genome Sequences of Four Phages of the Horse Chestnut Phyllosphere, Gregory P. Krukonis, Sam J. Roth, and Veronique A. Delesalle


Genome Sequences of Erwinia Phyllophages AH04 and AH06, Gregory P. Krukonis, Sam J. Roth, and Veronique A. Delesalle


Measurements of the 5D∘4−5P3 Transition of Singly Ionized Atomic Iodine Using Intermodulated Laser Induced Fluorescence, Matthew J. Lazo, Thomas E. Steinberger, Timothy N. Good, and Earl E. Scime

Decentering a Mulher popular? Gender-Class and Race in Early and Contemporary Latin American Popular Feminisms, Nathalie Lebon

Ambedkar, Radical Interdependence and Dignity: A Study of Women Mall Janitors in India, Ramaswami Mahalingam and Patturaja Selvaraj

Feminist Philosophy of Humor, Amy Marvin

Short-Circuited Trans Care, t4t, and Trans Scenes, Amy Marvin


3D Flow Field Measurements Outside Nanopores, Jeffrey Mc Hugh, Alice L. Thorneywork, Kurt Andresen, and Ulrich F. Keyser


Streamlined Subglacial Bedform Sensitivity to Bed Characteristics Across the Deglaciated Northern Hemisphere, Marion A. McKenzie, Lauren M. Simkins, Sarah M. Principato, and Santiago Munevar Garcia


Predictors of the Intention to Receive a SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine, Brian P. Meier, Amanda J. Dillard, and Courtney M. Lappas

Metaphors for God: God is High, Light, and Human in Implicit Tasks, Brian P. Meier and Adam K. Fetterman

Evaluating Performance of an Untargeted Urban Food Security Scheme in India, Magesh Nagarajan and Patturaja Selvaraj

Using a Cultural and Social Identity Lens to Understand Pandemic Responses in the US and India, Nisha Nair and Patturaja Selvaraj


Culture and COVID-19: Impact of Cross-Cultural Dimensions on Behavioral Responses, Nisha Nair, Patturaja Selvaraj, and Ranjeet Nambudiri


The Techne of YouTube Performance: Musical Structure, Extended Techniques, and Custom Instruments in Solo Pop Covers, William O'Hara

Reassessing the Relationship Between Homophobia and Political Participation, Douglas D. Page, Phillip M. Ayoub, Catharine Arranz, Matthew S. Montes, and Taylor I. Paulin

Revisiting the Lavender Vote, Douglas D. Page and Taylor I. Paulin

Blurring Lines of Responsibility: How Institutional Context Affects Citizen Biases Regarding Policy Problems, Douglas D. Page and Ridvan Peshkopia

Violence and Vietnamese Anticolonialism, Kevin D. Pham

Informal Strategies for Risk Assessment Among Brazilian Male Sex Workers and Their Clients, VoonChin Phua and Desirée Ciambrone

Hosting a Virtual Research Site for Data: Collecting Participants’ Voices on Bargaining During Tourist Shopping, VoonChin Phua and Jesse E. Shircliff

We've Come Through It Again: The Skin of Our Teeth, the Myth of Sisyphus, and Thornton Wilder's American Existentialism, Susan Frances Russell, Steven Gimbel, and Jennifer Gaffney

Evaluation of the Moderated-Expression and Differential Configuration Hypotheses in the Context of "Successful" or "Noncriminal" Psychopathy, Martin Sellbom, Jaime L. Anderson, Brandee E. Goodwin, Rebecca M. Kastner, Rachel C. Rock, Alexandria K. Johnson, Brian P. Meier, and Randall T. Salekin

"The Body Is a Tool for Remembrance": Healing, Transformation, and the Instrumentality of the Body in a North American Sufi Order, Megan Adamson Sijapati


It’s All About to Change: Implications of Reforming Grading & Assessment within a Public School District, Divonna M. Stebick, Megan L. Pilarcik, and Daniel W. Hartman


We Are Interwoven Beings, Mercedes Valmisa

Indigenous Movement, Settler Colonialism: A History of Tlicho Dene Continuity through Travel, David S. Walsh

What is the “Opposite” of a Value? A Lexical Investigation into the Structure of Generally Undesirable Goal Content, Benjamin M. Wilkowski, Laverl Z. Williamson, Emilio Rivera, Adam K. Fetterman, and Brian P. Meier

Reduced Black Carbon Concentrations following a Three-Year Stepped-Wedge Randomized Trial of the Wood-Burning Justa Cookstove in Rural Honduras, Bonnie N. Young, Nicholas Good, Jennifer L. Peel, Megan L. Benka-Coker, Joshua P. Keller, Sarah Rajkumar, Ethan S. Walker, John Volckens, Christian L'Orange, Casey Quinn, Sebastian Africano, Anibal B. Osorto Pinel, and Maggie L. Clark


Taking Problem-Solving Courts to Scale: Diverse Applications of the Specialty Court Model, Eilenn M. Ahlin and Anne S. Douds


Democracy's Shield: Voices of WWII, Michael J. Birkner, Grace E. Gallagher, and Rachel I. Main


Reflections from Pioneering Women in Psychology, Jamila Bookwala and Nicky J. Newton

A Reader in Moral Philosophy, Daniel R. DeNicola

America in the French Imaginary, 1789-1914: Music, Revolution and Race, Diana R. Hallman and César Leal


Desire in the Iliad: The Force that Moves the Epic and Its Audience, Rachel H. Lesser

Traditional Chinese Fiction in the English-Speaking World: Transcultural and Translingual Encounters, Junjie Luo (罗俊杰)

Personal Memories of the Early Analytic Philosophers: Analytic Logic/Synthetic Lives, Jeffrey Maynes and Steven Gimbel


Ecocinema Theory and Practice 2, Stephen Rust, Salma Monani, and Sean Cubitt

Pollo Fritto e Disperazione, Rachele Salvini

Reclaiming the Wicked Son: Finding Judaism in Secular Jewish Philosophers, Stephen J. Stern and Steven Gimbel

Book Chapters

On Campus and Online: Evaluating Student Engagement in the Covid-19 Era, Yasemin Akbaba


Courting American Capital: Public Relations and the Business of Selling Ivorian Capitalism in the U.S., 1960-1980, Abou B. Bamba

Social Movements, Political Linkages, and the Challenge to Democracy in Mexico, Emelio R. Betances

A Trifecta of Challenges for Veterans Treatment Courts, Anne S. Douds and Jared A. Michaels

Restoring Humanity through Human Trafficking Courts?, Anne S. Douds, Ella R. Warburton, and Kealy A. Cassidy

Investigating Individual Differences in Metaphor Use and Its Outcomes: Research Questions, Measurement, and Findings, Adam K. Fetterman, Katherine French, and Brian P. Meier


Philosophers of Catastrophe: Early 20th Century Jewish Proponents and Opponents of Objectivity in Science, Steven Gimbel and Stephen J. Stern

The Anti-Bullying Myth: Bullying and Aggression in an Inhabited Institution, Brent D. Harger

A Cinema Not in Ruins: Gender and History in Two Nicaraguan Short Films, Aarón Lacayo

Music Publications: Artifacts and Instruments of the Music Industry, César Leal

Decolonial Possibilities in an Introductory Environmental Humanities Classroom, Salma Monani

Coming Out and Political Attitudes Among Sexual Minorities, Douglas D. Page

Brazilian Male Sex Workers in Termas: In and Out of Sex Work, VoonChin Phua


Islamic Meditation: Mindfulness Apps for Muslims in the Digital Spiritual Marketplace, Megan Adamson Sijapati


Secular Architecture: Domestic, Carolyn S. Snively

Hsi Hsih: The Beauty of Beauties (1965): The Grand Mirage of Taiwanese Cinema, James N. Udden

Buy Me a Mink: Jews, Fur, and Conspicuous Consumption, Kerry Wallach