Gettysburg College Headquarters

Aims & Scope

The Gettysburg College Headquarters, a multidisciplinary journal, publishes a range of research conducted by students in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Visual Arts. Published work consists of research articles and book reviews that approach questions and issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. Works are published in print and online. Gettysburg College’s institutional repository, The Cupola, allows for works to be accessed by anyone around the world. Students can contribute to topics of academic importance by publishing their works on this global platform.

As an extra benefit, the journal provides undergraduate students the opportunity to experience an academic editing and peer-review process. Once an author's piece is accepted and published, they will be able to showcase this achievement on their resumes and graduate school applications.

Accepted Works

This journal accepts three types of publication from one, or more, of the following areas: Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Visual Arts. As noted below, we will accept works from specific disciplines within each of these four areas.

Accepted Disciplines

  • Humanities: English, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology
  • Natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Visual Art: Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Printmaking, and Photography
  • Interdisciplinary: The Headquarters accepts works that are considered interdisciplinary. Any work that is interdisciplinary must overlap in content or methodology with one of the fields listed above.

Types of Work

  • Research Articles consist of original research on a given topic using a clear method. For all submissions, regardless of discipline, we ask that the author’s paper follow traditional academic standards of their field. For papers from the Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, we ask that your paper be clearly structured. Please use subheadings that clearly indicate the introduction, methods, discussion, conclusion, and references. Authors are asked to submit a 150 - 250 word abstract with their articles, regardless of discipline. Research articles must be between 5,000 to 10,000 words in length.
  • Book Reviews of a book published by an academic press can be published by the Headquarters. We ask that the book in question have been published within the last three years. We also ask that the author engages with the book in a manner that indicates the author has indeed read the book, prior to submitting their book review to the Headquarters. This means the author of a book review has clearly stated why the author wrote the book, what is the book’s thesis, is there anything unique or innovative about the author’s use of evidence, what are the weaknesses of the argument and evidence, and who should read this book and for what purpose. Book reviews must be 900 words or less.
  • Visual Art pieces can be submitted to the Headquarters for potential publication. Artists may submit 2-4 works.