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Kriscinda Meadows is an English major and a Writing minor. She is a "nontraditional" student in the sense that she built up a portfolio of life experience before going to college. Among many other things, she has been a bookseller in Pittsburgh, a commercial production house painter in Cleveland, and worked with an ever changing group of illegal immigrants making ceramic tile glaze in Topanga Canyon for celebrities, outside of Los Angeles. Musically, she enjoys Elliott Smith, David Byrne, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Mission or Burma, and much more. Literature-wise, some of her favorite books include Lord of the Barnyard by Tristan Egolf, White Noise by Don Delillo, and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, and much more She is a vegetarian. She can be best described as a Democratic Socialist. She loves garlic and zombie movies.

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