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Geoff Calver was born June 14, 1985 in Fribourg, Switzerland to two Canadian parents, thus making him a true maple-leaf toting Canuck. He fell in love with writing at the age of six when he read The Art of War. At age nine he befriended fellow French Canadian Jack Kerouac, as well as Allen Ginsberg, and Neal Cassady, subsequently he got himself into some trouble in Haight- Ashbury. In 2004 he began attending Gettysburg College. He is majoring in Writing the Narrative, a self-created major, and is a proud editor of the Mercury fiction section, he is also a frequent editorial writer for the Gettysburgian in the gonzo tradition of the late Hunter S. Thompson. He hopes to someday meet Ryan Adams and would like to travel the world, taste many exotic foods, and write about his experiences.

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