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Exposing Racism Part II: Individual Racism
Jessica Baltazar, Tikvah Nadia Womach, and Office of Multicultural Engagement


Letter from the Editors
Cameron T. Sauers and Zachary A. Wesley


Exposing Racism Part I: Environmental Racism
Megan L. Benka-Coker and Office of Multicultural Engagement


Redesign Your Writing & Research Assignments
Melissa Forbes, Kerri Odess-Harnish, and Meggan D. Smith


Critical Incidents of Financial Hardship and Worker Health: A Mixed-Methods Retrospective Study
Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Russell A. Matthews, Julie H. Wayne, and Susannah Huang


Fit of Role Involvement with Values: Theoretical, Conceptual, and Psychometric Development of Work and Family Authenticity
Julie H. Wayne, Russell A. Matthews, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, and Wendy J. Casper

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