This is an ongoing list of 2017 faculty publications that will be honored at the 2017 College Author Reception, in Musselman Library, March 2018.

To make sure your publications are included in this list for the reception as well as the Faculty Notebook, don't forget to submit this form for each 2016 publication.




The Sweet Life: The Effect of Mindful Chocolate Consumption on Mood, Brian P. Meier, Sabrina W. Noll, and Oluwatobi J. Molokwu

Language Evaluation: Classical Arabic Approaches, Abdulkareem Said Ramadan


The Feasibility of Counting Songbirds Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Andrew M. Wilson, Janine M. Barr, and Megan E. Zagorski


Eisenhower's Gettysburg Farm, Michael J. Birkner, Carol A. Hegeman, and Kevin Lavery

Researching Children and Youth: Methodological Issues, Strategies, and Innovations, Ingrid E. Castro, Melissa Swauger, and Brent D. Harger

The Passion of the Infant Christ: Critical Edition, Caryll Houselander and Kerry S. Walters

Remembering the Great War: Writing and Publishing the Experiences of WWI, Ian A. Isherwood

Yearning to Labor: Youth, Unemployment, and Social Destiny in Urban France, John P. Murphy

Book Chapters


Peer Research Mentors at Gettysburg College: Transforming Student Library Jobs into High-Impact Learning Experiences, Clinton K. Baugess, Mallory R. Jallas, Meggan D. Smith, and Janelle Wertzberger

"Getting life-leased at all cost:" Marriage in Hardy's Late Short Stories, Suzanne J. Flynn


The IRB as Gatekeeper: Effects on Research with Children and Youth, Brent D. Harger and Melissa Quintela

Mamma Roma e la patria sottoproletaria, Christina Petraglia


The Continued Importance of Research with Children and Youth: The “New” Sociology of Childhood 40 Years Later, Melissa Swauger, Ingrid E. Castro, and Brent D. Harger

Creative Writing


On Marie Curie and Me, Sharon L. Stephenson