Musselman Library celebrates the scholarly and creative works of Gettysburg College faculty, staff and students. These authors published between January 1 and December 31, 2012, and were honored at the College Authors Reception held in March, 2013. The reception is sponsored by the Provost’s Office and Musselman Library and includes a display of the authors’ works.

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Religious Discrimination against Muslim Minorities in Christian Majority Countries: A Unique Case?, Yasemin Akbaba, Gettysburg College and Jonathan Fox

Culture vs. Rational Choice: Assessing the Causes of Religious Discrimination in Muslim States, Yasemin Akbaba, Gettysburg College; Jonathan Fox; and Ani Sarkissian

Reviewing, Categorizing, and Analyzing the Literature on Black-White Mean Differences for Predictors of Job Performance: Verifying Some Perceptions and Updating/Correcting Others, Philip Bobko, Gettysburg College and Philip Roth

Impact of Rater Personality on Transformational and Transactional Leadership Ratings, Joyce E. Bono; Amy C. Hooper, Gettysburg College; and David J. Yoon


A Fast-Slow Analysis of the Dynamics of REM Sleep, Victoria Booth and Cecilia G. Diniz Behn, Gettysburg College


Hakoah Vienna and the International Nature of Interwar Austrian Sports, William Bowman, Gettysburg College

Wind Power! Marketing Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands and the Struggle for Just Sustainability, Miranda J. Brandy and Salma Monani, Gettysburg College

Self-Engagement Moderates the Mediated Relationship Between Organizational Constraints and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors via Rated Leadership, Thomas W. Britt; Eric S. McKibben; Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge; Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Gettysburg College; and Hailey A. Herleman


Adjusting for Confounding by Neighborhood Using a Proportional Odds Model and Complex Survey Data, Babette A. Brumback; Amy B. Dailey, Gettysburg College; and Hao W. Zheng

Mexico: Six Years for the Titizú Puppet Troupe, Ronald Burgess, Gettysburg College


A Possible Detection of Occultation by a Proto-planetary Clump in GM Cephei, W. P. Chen; S. C.-L. Hu; R. Errmann; Ch. Adam; and Laurence A. Marschall, Gettysburg College

From Negative to Positive and Back Again: Polarized Affective and Relational Experience in Borderline Personality Disorder, Karin G. Coifman; Kathy R. Berenson, Gettysburg College; Eshkol Rafaeli; and Geraldine Downey

Hybrid Stars in a Strong Magnetic Field, Veronica Dexheimer, Gettysburg College; Rodrigo Negreiros; and Stefan Schramm

Quark Core Impact on Hybrid Star Cooling, Veronica Dexheimer, Gettysburg College; Rodrigo Negreiros; and Stefan Schramm

Assessing Agreement Level Between Forced Alignment Models with Data from Endangered Language Documentation Corpora, Christian DiCanio; Jonathan Amith, Gettysburg College; Timothy Bunnell; Rey Castillo Garcia; Hosung Nam; and Douglas Whalen

Modeling the Temporal Architecture of Rat Sleep-Wake Behavior, Cecilia G. Diniz Behn, Gettysburg College and V. Booth

The Influence of a Collaborative Doctoral Seminar on Emerging Teacher Educator-Researchers, Todd Dinkelman; Alexander Cuenca; Brandon Butler; Charles Elfer; Jason Ritter; Dave Powell, Gettysburg College; and Todd Hawley

Horses of a Different Colour: Marmo Mischio and Ammannati’s Remarkable Chariot of Neptune, Felicia M. Else, Gettysburg College

Anger as Seeing Red: Evidence for a Perceptual Association, Adam Fetterman; Michael D. Robinson; and Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College

Multiple Signals from the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Required for Circadian Regulation of Sleep-Wake Behavior in the Nocturnal Rat, M. Fleshner; V. Booth; D. Forger; and Cecilia G. Diniz Behn, Gettysburg College


Chromoelectric Oscillations in a Dynamically Evolving Anisotropic Background, Wojciech Florkowski; Radoslaw Ryblewski; and Michael T. Strickland, Gettysburg College

Antidepressants (Venlafaxine and Citalopram) Cause Foot Detachment from the Substrate in Freshwater Snails at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations, Peter Fong, Gettysburg College and Caitlin Hoy

Community-Based Research on the Effects of the Financial Crisis on Community Service Organizations in Adams County, PA, Michael S. Gibbons, Gettysburg College

Recalling a Difficult Past: Whites’ Memories of Birmingham, Sandra K. Gill, Gettysburg College


Non-Genera of Curves With Automorphisms in Characteristic P, Darren B. Glass, Gettysburg College

The Spy and Robert E. Lee: Gettysburg's "Lost" Order, June 28, 1863, Allen C. Guelzo, Gettysburg College


Hidden in Plain Sight: Remembering the Upbeat, Sarah E. Hayes, Gettysburg College

Placing Nature(s) on Safari, Cassie M. Hays, Gettysburg College

Increasing Creatine Kinase Concentrations at the 161-km Western States Endurance Run, Martin D. Hoffman; Julie L. Ingwerson; Ian R. Rogers; Tamara Hew-Butler; and Kristin J. Stuempfle, Gettysburg College


Hyponatremia in the 2009 161-km Western States Endurance Run, Martin D. Hoffman; Kristin J. Stuempfle, Gettysburg College; Ian R. Rogers; Louise B. Weschler; and Tamara Hew-Butler


The BBC and the Shaping of British Identity from 1922 to 1945, Mallory Huard, Gettysburg College


The Staffing of Presidential Assistants: Their Effects on Presidential Success in the House of Representatives, Nicholas R. Jesteadt, Gettysburg College

Fighting for the South Mountain, Brian M. Jordan, Gettysburg College

Do Larval Traits Re-Evolve? Evidence from the Embryogenesis of a Direct-Developing Salamander (Plethodon Cinereus), Ryan R. Kerney, Gettysburg College; David C. Blackburn; Hendrick Müller; and James Hanken


Cartilage on the Move: Cartilage Lineage Tracing During Tadpole Metamorphosis, Ryan R. Kerney, Gettysburg College; Alison L. Brittain, University of Cincinnati; Brian K. Hall, Dalhousie University; and Daniel R. Buchholz, University of Cincinnati

Vocal-Motor and Auditory Connectivity of the Midbrain Periaqueductal Gray in a Teleost Fish, James Matthew Kittelberger, Gettysburg College and Andrew H. Bass

Kennt Kultur kiene Kurzarbeit? Representing Work and Worklessness in Contemporary German Literature, Martin M. Kley, Gettysburg College

Mexico and Weimar’s Anti-Authoritarian Socialist Imagination: Storytelling, Working, and ‘Unworking’ in B. Traven, Martin M. Kley, Gettysburg College


Unresolved Question of the 10He Ground State Resonance, Z. Kohley; J. Snyder; T. Baumann; G. Christian; P.A. DeYoung; J.E. Finck; R.A. Haring-Kaye; M. Jones; E. Lunderberg; B. Luther; S. Mosby; A. Simon; J.K. Smith; A. Spyrou; Sharon L. Stephenson, Gettysburg College; and M. Thoennessen

Seven Poems, Angela Krauss and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


The Rise of American Industrial and Financial Corporations, Elizabeth A. Laughlin, Gettysburg College

Exercise Training-Induced Adaptations Associated with Increases in Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Content, Yasuko Manabe; Katja S. C. Gollisch; Laura Holton; Young-Bum Kim; Josef Brandauer, Gettysburg College; Nobuharu L. Fuji; Michael F. Hirshman; and Laurie J. Goodyear

Spatiality and the Interpretation of Identity Formation: Fugitive Slave Community Creation in Nineteenth-Century Kenya, Lydia Wilson Marshall, Gettysburg College


Boost-Invariant (2+1)-Dimensional Anisotropic Hydrodynamics, Mauricio Martinez; Radoslaw Ryblewski; and Michael T. Strickland, Gettysburg College

Nonstandard Work Schedules and Retention in the Entry-Level Hourly Workforce, James E. Martin; Robert R. Sinclair; Ariel M. Lelchook, Gettysburg College; Jenell L. S. Wittmer; and Kristin E. Charles

The Effects of Changing Power and Influence Tactics on Trust in the Supervisor: A Longitudinal Field Study, Roger C. Mayer; Philip Bobko, Gettysburg College; James H. Davis; and Mark B. Gavin

Whom Do You Distrust and How Much Does it Cost? An Experiment on the Measurement of Trust, Bill McEvily; Joseph R. Radzevick, Gettysburg College; and Roberto A. Weber

Sweet Taste Preferences and Experiences Predict Prosocial Inferences, Personalities, and Behaviors, Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; Miles Riemer-Peltz; Sara K. Moeller; and Michael D. Robinson

Embodiment in Social Psychology, Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; Simone S. Schnall; Norbert Schwarz; and John A. Bargh


Stochastic Data Clustering, Carl D. Meyer, North Carolina State University at Raleigh and Charles D. Wessell, Gettysburg College


The More She Longs for Home, the Farther Away it Appears: A Paradox of Nostalgia in a Fulani Immigrant Girl’s Life, Kaoru Miyazawa, Gettysburg College

Motivational Versus Metabolic Effects of Carbohydrates on Self-Control, Daniel C. Molden; Chin Ming Hui; Abigail A. Scholer; Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; Eric E. Noreen, Gettysburg College; Paul R. D'Agostino, Gettysburg College; and Valerie A. Martin, Gettysburg College


Toxic Effects of Copper, Cadmium, and Methoxychlor Shown by Neutral Red Retention Assay in Two Species of Freshwater Molluscs, Nikolett Molnar, Gettysburg College and Peter Fong, Gettysburg College


Defoe and the Project of "Neighbors Fare", Joanne Myers, Gettysburg College


Catharine Trotter and the Claims of Conscience, Joanne E. Myers, Gettysburg College


Rook Jumping Maze Generation for AI Education, Todd W. Neller, Gettysburg College


Approximating Optimal Dudo Play with Fixed-Strategy Iteration Counterfactual Regret Minimization, Todd W. Neller, Gettysburg College and Steven C. Hnath, Gettysburg College


An Attempt to Reshape Capitalism’s Image, Ross A. Nichols, Gettysburg College


Japan as a Clean Energy Leader, Stefan N. Norbom, Gettysburg College

Work-Family Balance, Well-Being, and Organizational Outcomes: Investigating Actual Versus Desired Work/Family Time Discrepancies, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Gettysburg College; Thomas W. Britt; and Philip Bobko, Gettysburg College

Organizational Work-Family Resources as Predictors of Job Performance and Attitudes: The Process of Work-Family Conflict and Enrichment, Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Gettysburg College; Thomas W. Britt; and Tiffany M. Greene-Shortridge

Gender and Community-Oriented Wildlife Conservations: Views from Project Supervisors in India, Monica V. Ogra, Gettysburg College

Gender Mainstreaming in Community-Oriented Wildlife Conservation: Experiences from Nongovernmental Conservation Organizations in India, Monica V. Ogra, Gettysburg College

Promoting Multicultural Tourism in Singapore, VoonChin Phua, Gettysburg College; Doug Berkowitz; and Melissa Gagermeier


Searchin’ His Eyes, Lookin’ for Traces: Piri Reis’ World Map of 1513 & its Islamic Iconographic Connections (A Reading Through Bagdat 334 and Proust), Karen C. Pinto, Gettysburg College

Air-Stable, Nitrile-Ligated (Cyclopentadienone)iron Dicarbonyl Compounds as Transfer Reduction and Oxidation Catalysts, Taylor N. Plank, Gettysburg College; Jessica L. Drake, Gettysburg College; Daniel K. Kim, Gettysburg College; and Timothy W. Funk, Gettysburg College


The Minority Experience at Gettysburg College: The Hanson Years (1961-1977), Joshua W. Poorman, Gettysburg College and John W. Nelson, Gettysburg College


Confusing Achievement With Aptitude, Dave Powell, Gettysburg College

Aerobic Exercise Training Increases Circulating Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 Concentration, but does not Attenuate the Reduction in Circulating Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 After a High-Fat Meal, Steven J. Prior; Nathan T. Jenkins, University of Maryland - College Park; Josef Brandauer, Gettysburg College; Edward P. Weiss; and James M. Hagberg


Interieur / Interior, Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


Kreuzberg/Calvary, Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


Letzter Brief von Hamlet / Final Letter from Hamlet, Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


Mein Lieblingstier / My Favorite Animal, Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


The Wild Huntsman (A Message for the Semi-Educated Classes), Utz Rachowski and Michael Ritterson, Gettysburg College


War Gender and Dancing: Gettysburg College and the USO During World War II, Erin E. Richards, Gettysburg College

Reconsidering Rapport with Urban Teachers: Negotiating Shifting Boundaries and Legitimizing Support, Carol R. Rinke, Gettysburg College and Lynnette Mawhinney

Counting to Ten Milliseconds: Low Anger but not High Anger, Individuals Pause Following Negative Evaluations, Michael D. Robinson; Benjamin M. Wilkowski; Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; Sara K. Moeller; and Adam Fetterman

A Meta-Analysis of Gender Group Differences for Measures of Job Performance in Field Studies, Philip Roth; Kristen Purvis; and Philip Bobko, Gettysburg College

Developmental Prosopagnosia and Super-Recognition: No Special Role for Surface Reflectance Processing, Richard Russell, Gettysburg College; Garga Chatterjee; and Ken Nakayama, Harvard University


A Perceptually Based Comparison of Image Similarity Metrics, Richard Russell, Gettysburg College and Pawan Sinha, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Excavations on the Northern Terrace at Golemo Gradište, Konjuh, 2007-2010, Goran Sanev; Carolyn S. Snively, Gettysburg College; and Mihail Stojanovski

Properties and Stability of Hybrid Stars, Stefan Schramm; Rodrigo Negreiros; Jan Steinheimer; Torsten Schurhoff; and Veronica Dexheimer, Gettysburg College

Mawdudi’s Islamic Revivalist Ideology and the Islami Sangh Nepal, Megan Adamson Sijapati, Gettysburg College


The Episcopal Basilica, the Via Sacra, and the Semicircular Court at Stobi, R. Macedonia, Carolyn S. Snively, Gettysburg College


Why Joanna Baptista Sold Herself into Slavery: Indian Women in Portuguese Amazonia, 1755-1798, Barbara A. Sommer, Gettysburg College

Brighten Up: Smiles Facilitate Perceptual Judgment of Facial Lightness, Hyunjin Song; Andrew J. Vonasch; Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; and John A. Bargh

Experiment on Direct N-N Scattering - the Radiation-Inducing Outgassing Complication, Sharon L. Stephenson, Gettysburg College; Bret E. Crawford, Gettysburg College; W. I. Furman; E. V. Lychagin; A. Yu Muzichka; G. V. Nekhaev; E. I. Sharapov; V. N. Shvetsov; A. V. Strelkov; B. G. Levakov; A. E. Lyzhin; Yu I. Chernukhin; C. R. Howeel; G. E. Mitchell; W. Tornow; and R. A. Showalter-Bucher

Living With Uncertainty, Eileen Stillwaggon, Gettysburg College

Thermal Bottomonium Suppression at RHIC and LHC, Michael T. Strickland, Gettysburg College and Dennis Bazow, Gettysburg College


Bulk Properties of a Fermi Gas in a Magnetic Field, Michael T. Strickland, Gettysburg College; Veronica Dexheimer, Gettysburg College; and D.P. Menezes

Race Diet of Finishers and Non-Finishers in a 100 Mile (161 km) Mountain Footrace, Kristin J. Stuempfle, Gettysburg College; Martin D. Hoffman; Louise B. Weschler; Ian R. Rogers; and Tamara Hew-Butler


Conserving Our Cultural Heritage: The Role of Fungi in Biodeterioration, Hanna Szczepanowska and A. R. Cavaliere, Gettysburg College


Did Secularism Fail? The Rise of Religion in Turkish Politics, Zeynep Taydas, Clemson University; Yasemin Akbaba, Gettysburg College; and Minion K.C. Morrison, Mississippi State University

Gender and Age Effects Interact in Preschoolers' Help-Seeking: Evidence for Differential Responses to Changes in Task Difficulty, R. Bruce Thompson; Thomas Cothran; and Daniel D. McCall, Gettysburg College


The Cuban Ripple Effect: Writing Cubanidad in the Diaspora, Isabel Valiela, Gettysburg College

The Critical Role of the Research Question, Inclusion Criteria, and Transparency in Meta-Analyses of Integrity Test Research: A reply to Harries et al. (2012) and Ones, Viswesvaran, and Schmidt (2012), Chad H. Van Iddekinge; Patrick H. Raymark; Philip Roth; and Heather N. Odle-Dusseau, Gettysburg College


'A Blood-Stained Corpse in the Butler's Pantry’: The Queensland Bush Book Club, Robin Wagner, Gettysburg College

Latitudinal Variation in Thermal Ecology of North American Ratsnakes and its Implications for the Effect of Climate Warming on Snakes, Patrick Weatherhead; Jinelle Sperry; Gerardo L.F. Carfagno, Gettysburg College; and Gabriel Blouin-Demers

Mindful Maths: Reducing the Impact of Stereotype Threat through Mindfulness Exercise, Ulrich W. Weger; Nic Hooper; Brian P. Meier, Gettysburg College; and Timothy Hopthrow

Political Pressures on Monetary Policy during the US Great Inflation, Charles L. Weise, Gettysburg College