Faculty publications from the Political Science Department at Gettysburg College.



Signals from a Politicized Bar: The Solicitor General as a Direct Litigant before the U.S. Supreme Court, Scott S. Boddery



Kennedy Retirement Plunges Supreme Court into Politics. Here's How to Turn Down the Heat., Scott S. Boddery


What Senators Should Ask Brett Kavanaugh, Scott S. Boddery


Beyond Keeping the Peace: Can Peacekeepers Reduce Ethnic Divisions After Violence?, Douglas D. Page and Sam Whitt



How to Merge Courses via Skype™? Lessons from an International Blended Learning Project, Yasemin Akbaba and Filiz Başkan

Exit, Voice and Loyalty: State Rhetoric About the International Criminal Court, Franziska Boehme

Bargaining Theory, Civil War Outcomes, and War Recurrence: Assessing the Results of Empirical Tests of the Theory, Caroline A. Hartzell

How the Criteria for Joining the European Union Affect Public Opinion: The Case of Equal Pay Between Women and Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Douglas D. Page


When Does Sexuality-Based Discrimination Motivate Political Participation?, Douglas D. Page

When Do Voters Support the European Union’s Involvement in Gay Rights?, Douglas D. Page

Courts and Executives, Jeffrey L. Yates and Scott S. Boddery


Civil War Termination, Caroline A. Hartzell

Deviant Globalization: the Application of Strategic Landpower, Joel R. Hillison and Avram Isaacson


Balanced Presentation a Dishonest Exercise in Presidential Race, Kathleen P. Iannello


Commentary: Justice Who Follows Scalia's Path Would Hurt the Working Class, Bruce A. Larson


How Voters Hold the European People’s Party Accountable in European Parliament Elections, Douglas D. Page


Islamism in Western Europe: Milli Görüş in Germany, Gonul Tol and Yasemin Akbaba


Restrictions on the Religious Practices of Religious Minorities: A Global Survey, Jonathan Fox and Yasemin Akbaba

Securitization of Islam and Religious Discrimination: Religious Minorities in Western Democracies, 1990–2008, Jonathan Fox and Yasemin Akbaba

Relative Peace and Emerging Fault Lines: Accounting for Trends in Intrastate Conflict in Latin America, Caroline A. Hartzell

The Art of the Possible: Power Sharing and Post— Civil War Democracy, Caroline A. Hartzell and Matthew Hoddie

U.S. House Incumbent Fundraising and Spending in a Post-Citizens United and Post-McCutcheon World, Eric S. Heberlig and Bruce A. Larson


Eisenhower: Champion of Federal Activism, Shirley Anne Warshaw


A Way Around the Divided House Majority, Charles L. Weise and Bruce A. Larson


Religious Discrimination in the European Union and Western Democracies, 1990 to 2008, Jonathan Fox and Yasemin Akbaba


Mixed Motives? Explaining the Decision to Integrate Militaries at Civil War's End, Caroline A. Hartzell


Nation-state Crises in the Absence and Presence of Segment States: The Case of Nicaragua, Caroline A. Hartzell


Peacebuilding After Civil War, Caroline A. Hartzell


Stepping Up: Burden Sharing by NATO's Newest Members, Joel R. Hillison

Segment States in the Developing World: Conflict's Cause or Cure?, Matthew Hoddie and Caroline A. Hartzell

Short-Term Pain, Long-Term Gain? The Effects of IMF Economic Reform Programs on Public Health Performance, Matthew Hoddie and Caroline A. Hartzell

Religious Discrimination and International Crises: International Effects of Domestic Inequality, Özgür Özdamar and Yasemin Akbaba

Minorities on 'Civilizational' Fault Lines: An Assessment of Religious Discrimination, Gonul Tol and Yasemin Akbaba


Ethnicity, Religion and Foreign Policy: Turkish-Syrian Relations Since the 1980s, Yasemin Akbaba and Özgür Özdamar

Understanding Support for the War in Iraq during the Bush Years: Differences in Civilian and Military Opinion, Roy A. Dawes and Hunter Bacot


Transitions from War to Peace, Caroline A. Hartzell

Congressional Parties, Institutional Ambition, and the Financing of Majority Control, Eric S. Heberlig and Bruce A. Larson

Externally Mandated Economic Liberalization and the Onset of Civil Conflict, Matthew Hoddie and Caroline A. Hartzell


The Durability of Peace, Caroline A. Hartzell and Amy Yuen

Inventors of Ideas: An Introduction to Western Political Philosophy, Donald G. Tannenbaum


Did Secularism Fail? The Rise of Religion in Turkish Politics, Zeynep Taydas, Yasemin Akbaba, and Minion K.C. Morrison


Religious Discrimination against Muslim Minorities in Christian Majority Countries: A Unique Case?, Yasemin Akbaba and Jonathan Fox

Culture vs. Rational Choice: Assessing the Causes of Religious Discrimination in Muslim States, Yasemin Akbaba, Jonathan Fox, and Ani Sarkissian



Women's Leadership and Third-Wave Feminism, Kathleen P. Iannello



Interview with Arthur Bruce Boenau, June 9, 2005, Arthur Bruce Boenau and Michael J. Birkner
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Interview with Edward Bulleit, January 7, 1997, Edward Bulleit, Michael J. Birkner, and David Hedrick
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Decisions Without Hierarchy: Feminist Interventions in Organization Theory and Practice, Kathleen P. Iannello